Packing & Preparation

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full packing by qualified professional movers

Your items are stored in individualized storage components for your maximum protection. MicroShip® offers a customized storage system, which is meant to accommodate any storage load, no matter how large or small.

• You don’t have to worry about the details.
• Your items arrive safely.
• Your furniture, equipment, art, and boxes are placed at the destination.
• Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
• Professional custom packing and moving services will ensure safe transportation of all breakable and sentimental goods.

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sit back & relax

Enjoy a fully orchestrated move and avoid the disappointment of loss or breakage by letting MicroShip® do the hard work. While you go about your day, our full packing crew service will:

• Pad all furniture (complimentary).
• Shrink wrap all upholstery.
• Wrap all fragile items and pack in heavy corrugated cartons.
• Label and inventory your items for optimal delivery placement.
• Properly load the truck for travel.
• Unload and place items in the correct space.
• Provide full unpack service if you require it (additional fees may apply).

senior moves & estate distribution

MicroShip® handles seniors and estates with extra care. Moves that involve antiques, heirlooms, artwork, and most of all, more than one delivery location, benefit the most from a full-service pack and move solution because items:

• Are often rare and irreplaceable.
• Have strong sentimental value to the family.
• May need to be moved more than once to accommodate temporary staging, delivery schedules and geographic location.


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