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Small moves deserve the same big service as larger moves. Yours can be as small as one item or as large as a roomful. Though many small moves are local, our small moving services extend nationwide. MicroShip® provides full service, pickup and delivery to destinations in the 48 contiguous states with no minimum weight requirements. If needed, fast transit times are available to most popular areas. That is the MicroShip® advantage!

why choose MicroShip® for your small move?

• You’ll pay 50% less with us than typical carriers.
• There are no minimum weight requirement penalties.
• Your goods are all carefully packed by experts using top quality materials.
• We’re bonded, licensed and insured for your protection.
• You’re protected by additional insurance from the BBB.
• Your things are packed in less time than bigger companies.
• Faster transit times are available to most popular areas.

We help families move through generations! ...

Most families will experience more small moves than large ones. Kids moving into apartments and dorms, grandparents downsizing into smaller quarters, or newlyweds moving into their first place rarely need a huge moving van. They do, however, need help, and that’s when MicroShip®’s small move specialists shine.

For example, when an estate breakup requires small moves to multiple family members throughout the country, MicroShip® keeps the cost down to make an emotional situation less stressful. We handle any size shipment and will divide it into mini moves for family distribution.

If your small local move involves moving or delivering a large appliance or piece of furniture, give us a call. We’ll even move furniture from one room to another. No small move is too small for MicroShip®!

Businesses love our small move solutions! ...

With more people setting up home offices, moving into shared business spaces, or moving equipment and files to satellite locations, there’s a greater demand for small moves. There’s also a demand for small moving services that won’t penalize your small move for not filling the truck.

Even small move office relocations often involve moving computers, printers, copiers and other expensive equipment. These are your assets and we treat them as such by specially packing them to withstand transport and ensure their safe arrival. Moving an office is a big deal, even if it’s only a small move.

We'll save you money! ...

A tight budget doesn’t mean your small move can’t be exceptional. That’s because we deliver the same big service no matter how small the load. With MicroShip® there are no minimum weight requirements. Depending on how much you ship, our small moves save 50-60% over larger van lines.

One of the ways we save you money is by consolidating small moves. By sending several shipments on a truck to one general area, we can cut your costs substantially on smaller moves. Experience the MicroShip® advantage and contact us today!

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